Javier Bardem has a weak twin

Ray Toro from My Chemical Romance pointed this one out over at the band’s blog, but the resemblance really is striking.

Can you tell which one is Javier Bardem and which is Jeffrey Dean Morgan from Grey’s Anatomy? Because, frankly, I can’t.

5 Responses to “Javier Bardem has a weak twin”

  1. judah Says:

    pretty sure Javier Bardem also looks like Robert Downy Jr

  2. Erra Says:

    The one on the left played Denny in Grey’s Anatomy.

  3. Appalachiantrainer Says:

    Can you add Robert Downey Jr. and make it TRIPLETS?

  4. Amanda Says:

    Can anyone tell Isla Fisher and Amy Adams apart? I swear I thought they were the same person for a long time.

  5. Maya Says:

    Jeffrey Dean Morgan is the one on the left.. they do look like twins but Jeffrey is better looking for sure :)

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